Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Horse Quotes

I've been processing over the past couple of days what I want High Hopes philosophy to be; and I came up with a couple of quotes that symbolizes what the farm means to me.

"My goal is not to teach the student to ride; it is to show the student and the horse the relationship they can have with one another."

"My goal is to teach the horse and rider to connect in a harmonious and balanced way."

"Horses give me hope. After a rough day I know I can sit in their stall as they eat; and in the silence with them I feel hope."

"Horses bring hope and healing. No matter how deep a wound may be, horses reach inside us and heal a piece of our heart."

"Horses can captivate you before you realize it. They are much like the wind; one day you are galloping in the field and you feel them."

"What amazes me is how God created the horse. He made this very large and powerful creature, but gave them such a gentle spirit."
©Ali Robinson

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