Monday, June 14, 2010

The hard stuff

I thought starting my own business would be much easier than I thought. There is definitely more time involved than I thought, and over the past couple of weeks I have realized that how much you put into your own business is what you are going to get out of it. It's hard because my heart has such a passion for horses; and I want to use them to heal the broken. I want children and adults to be able see that there is hope through the horses at High Hopes Farm. But the journey has barely just begun; and I definitely have to kick it into high gear; otherwise the farm will not go anywhere and I will start to reap what I sow.

I am just continually amazed at how precious the horse is; and what a phenomenal creature it is. It amazes me how God could design the horse to be such a fierce and powerful animal; but yet such gentle spirit and emotional creature. There is nothing I love more than hoping the fence to the turnout pen to see my horse Clementine. And when we meet each other in the field; eyes gazed and hearts open as we walk closer to each other I feel at peace. And there is nothing I love more than when she lets out a soft nicker to say hello as she holds her head low enough for me to hold.

I recently was in the pen with her the other night. It was about ten thirty; and we were just walking around together staring up at the stars. I would walk around the pen and I'd hear her behind me; and when I'd stop I would feel her breath on the back of my neck before she plopped her head over my shoulder looking for a treat. When she realized I didn't have one; she just stood next to me playing with my zipper on my jacket pocket. It is in those quiet moments where I hear God's whisper. It's in that moment I realized that having my own horse farm is not something that is for me; it is something that I am going to use to heal broken hearts; just like Clementine healed mine.

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