Thursday, March 10, 2011

hobbies and hiding

I have been sick for the past five days, and when I get sick I do nothing but sleep, watch movies, and do nothing.

Well...not entirely nothing. I did start the dishwasher, and I showered. So that counts, right?

While sitting and resting, I have been able to think a lot about my life and what God expects me to do with it.

I came up with a list of things I would like to do, some things are silly, and some are just genius. And other things on my list I blame on my congested brain.

1. Become a really good cook.
2. Take a cooking class to become a REALLY good cook.
3. Finish a couple of scrapbooks I have abandoned.
4. Find the scrapbooks in a box in the garage that I have abandoned.
5. Make a cooking blog, strictly dedicated to recipes and concoctions I make in our kitchen.
6. Keep the cook, the cleaning lady, and the housewife healthier than she is right now.
7. Spend more time building into others.
8. Start packing for yet ANOTHER move.
9. FInd a house to move into so my packing is more productive.
10. Be the person God created me to be, the girl who loves horses, the color orange, and soup. And my goal is to try my hardest to not lose sight of who God created me to be even though I am messy, stubborn, silly girl with a slight anger streak.

I will not hide my flaws, or my weaknesses. Why do I want to put more energy into hiding character traits that God gave me?

What are you hiding from others? What are you hiding from God?

Sometimes I find myself hiding my confidence from God and others. I think sometimes I am not the best wife, best cook, best horse back rider, and best listener. I tear myself down and I don't even give God the chance to build me back up and remind me of the confident, loving person that I am whether I am good at many things or just a couple. Once I let that doubt into my head and heart, God cannot get to me.

But I have to stay open, vulnerable to the good and not so good things... similar to David in the Bible.

He embraced the good, and not so good things about himself...and let God meet him in his brokenness, and in his triumphs.

Because what good is a relationship with God, if you don't let him in ALL of your life, and just a little?

I encourage you to let God in even if it is hard, even if you might not want to. I promise you, it's worth it.

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