Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Strength of a Horse

I miss feeling their hooves beat the ground to gain more momentum as we race across the field.

I miss feeling the freedom of no saddle on their back so I can feel the warmth of their fur.

I miss grabbing their mane as I urge them on to go faster.

I miss soaring over jumps.

I miss wearing white breeches and a show coat.

I miss hearing the announcer call my name to the ring.

I miss the feeling of success after a tough ride.

I long for that connection. I wonder when I will feel that again. My heart feels empty.

I have been given a gift. I have talent. I have knowledge. I have skills. And I can't use them, my injury won't let me.

I use to feel stronger after every ride. The connection you have with a horse when you are in sync with them in indescribable. There are no words to describe the blessing of that emotional connection with a horse. There are no words to describe the connection I have with God when I ride. I feel him all around me. He is in the wind, the dirt, the soft nickers the horses greet you with. He quiets my heart with my horse Clementine.

Oh how I miss riding. How I miss that connection. I miss the solitude with God.

I wonder when I will feel that again. I wonder when that missing piece of myself will be returned to me.

I wait.

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