Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heart break

My heart breaks more easily lately.

I become weary much quicker, and my patience is very thin.

The season of life my husband and I are in right now is hard. There are days where I put God on a shelf because I don't want to grow. I don't want to learn. I just want to be, and I want things to be easy.

I read a friends blog recently and she talked about her walk with God in a way that was to raw, so real, and it made me think about where I am with God.

It made me realize that I'm not the only one who struggles with their relationship with God. There are days where I feel on fire, and days where I just want to do my own thing and leave God in the dust.

I can't do that. God never leaves me in the dust. He never forgets about me. The fact that He never forgets about me just warms my heart. It makes me open my eyes to the beauty of my relationship with Him. It makes me long for that connection and it breaks my heart and makes it ache for others to experience the same love and growth I have... Even when I don't want to grow.

I need to grow.
I am going to grow.
I am growing.

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