Sunday, August 14, 2011

written on a napkin

Do you have dreams?

Where do you write them down? On a notepad, in a journal, on corners of the newspaper, or do you write them on a napkin?

I write my dreams in lots of spots... random scraps of paper, notebooks, journals, but never a napkin.

I was given a napkin tonight at church and that napkin represents my dream. The speaker, Dave Ferguson was sharing his story of how the church he planted started on a napkin.

I think if I want my dream to start becoming a reality I need to start dreaming big...even if it is on a napkin.

I dream of having camps for "high risk" students where they can come ride horses and learn about Jesus and the remarkable things He said and the story He left behind for us.

I dream of being able to have a farm where that can be a reality and where I can have a food pantry in that farm and send the kids home with either a home cooked meal, or a bag of canned goods for their family.

Today I start dreaming big and leave my little dreams behind.

Have big dreams, and dream big and hopefully one day soon that dream will become a reality.

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